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WAC Members
Deanna Pierce-Colbow

Christopher Borshowa

Carol Reeve

City Representative
Nancy Styles

Members at Large
Jaren Bell, Nicole Griffin, Krista Klemmer, Linda Aiken, Sandra Hanni and
Amanda Payne

Regan Lanning

History of Weyburn Arts Council
In 1948, a key event occurred that was to have long-ranging implications. During its first term in office, T.C. DOUGLAS’ CCF government created the SASKATCHEWAN ARTS BOARD (The second Arts Council in the world, modeled after The British Arts Council) through an Order-in-Council. Premier Douglas was quoted as saying, “The people of the Prairies are hungry…for things of the mind and the spirit: good music, literature, paintings and folk songs”

Weyburn Arts Council was the first arts council established in Saskatchewan in 1964 by a City bylaw, and is governed by a 10-member volunteer board.

The Council is funded by grants, fees, and donations which are graciously accepted. As we are a non-profit charitable organization, we are able to issue charitable donation receipts. Legacies or bequeathments are accepted.

Weyburn Arts Council is an affiliate of the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils and a member of the Museum Association of Saskatchewan. We are an advisory board overseeing the City galleries (Allie Griffin, Credit Union, and Signal Hill) and programming. As well, we manage the City of Weyburn permanent Art Collection.

Weyburn Arts Council's Mission is:
To provide the opportunity to experience art in a fun and encouraging atmosphere.
The purpose of an Arts Council is to provide leadership in the education, promotion, presentation and preservation of the arts in our community.

Events at the Allie Griffin Art Gallery & The Signal Hill Arts Centre

Weyburn Arts Council holds an annual art adjudication where the artists are given the opportunity of displaying their work . As well we contract  professional adjudicators to offer critiques and workshops which provides encouragement in their future development in their arts career.

We also host the James Weir People’s Choice annual exhibition in January in honour of James Weir, our benefactor, who saw the need for the arts in our province and helped develop the provincial arts board. 

Through the Allie Griffin Art Gallery, 2 month exhibitions are held year round, with extension activities for young and old alike.

We celebrate May - Arts Education Month by annually providing clay classes to classes of school children. 

November brings the annual holiday arts bazaar,  "4 Festive Floors" .  All four floors of the Signal Hill Arts Centre are filled with artists and artisans offering their unique wares.

City of Weyburn Permanent Art Collection
The Permanent Art Collection is managed by the City of Weyburn. New works are purchased that fit the criteria of documenting life and history of our locale and province. We do accept related donated artwork. The works are kept in a secure and environmentally safe environment. They are generally displayed yearly. Some works are presently displayed in the City Hall offices and open spaces.

Weyburn Arts Council Logo
The Weyburn Arts Council logo incorporates the water tower as a symbol of Weyburn and a stalk of wheat which symbolizes the surrounding communities that participate in the arts. The black paint coming out of the wheat painting the tower symbolizes the oil industry surrounding Weyburn.