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* Be sure to read the entry requirements listed, complete entry form and mail it to the Weyburn Arts Council.
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Please enclose entry fee of $20.00.

I am entering:        CATEGORY A (5 WORKS) ___             CATEGORY B (3 WORKS) ___ __   

Exhibition Fee - Agreement to Waive

According to copyright law, artists are entitled to an exhibition fee whenever their work appears for public display.  Your signature on this form indicates you are aware of this fact and are willing to waive your fee.

           I, ____________________________________________________________
                                                           (Artist’s Name)
agree to waive  the right to receive an artist’s fee for a period March14 to April 29, 2016 during the adjudication and subsequent display of art works at the local adjudication hosted by WEYBURN ARTS COUNCIL, to be held on  April 29, 2016 at the Signal Hill Arts Centre in Weyburn, Saskatchewan.                              

Complete these labels and attach securely to the backs of the art works.

 Artist: _____________                Artist: _____________                     Artist: _____________

Title:  _____________               
Title:  _____________                      Title:  _____________ 

Medium Year: _______               Medium Year: _______                     Medium Year: _______

Completed: _________               Completed: _________                     Completed: _________

Value: _____________              
Value: _____________                     Value: _____________


Artist: _____________                Artist: _____________                    

Title:  _____________               
Title:  _____________                     

Medium Year: _______               Medium Year: _______                     

Completed: _________               Completed: _________                     

Value: _____________              
Value: _____________                     

If you are an artist or craftsperson not solely supported by the sale of your work, you are eligible to enter five pieces of your work in our local art adjudication hosted by the Weyburn Arts Council.

1. Participants must not yet have received widespread recognition of their work by Saskatchewan art/craft galleries and not be solely supporting themselves through the sale of their work.

2.  Participants must provide five works completed within the past three years to be considered eligible for the Provincial Adjudication.  Previously adjudicated works may be entered.  Each 2-dimensional artwork must be framed and ready for hanging on chains.  Attach hanging hardware evenly near the top of the piece.

3.  There is no size restriction on works entered.  Adjudicators should be conscious of suitability for touring.

4.  Participants are encouraged to enter in the local adjudication nearest them but may enter anywhere in the province. Artists may wish to have their work critiqued by more than one juror, or have a preference of one juror over another.  For the latter reason, the name of the juror(s) will be advertised prior to the event.

5.  Artists whose work was selected to tour in the past may still enter a local adjudication.  However, they are not eligible to advance to OSAC’s Provincial Adjudication until two years following the completion of their tour. Artists selected to tour their work in a group exhibition of more than three people are exempt from this clause.

6.  The Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils follows the standards for craft entries as defined by the Saskatchewan Craft Council.  We hope that the following excerpt is useful:

All the basic concepts of design should be considered and all pieces should be well executed and well finished.  While the items are primarily hand manufactured (i.e. by hand, hand tools, or hand-controlled processes), ready-made components are acceptable where their use is clearly appropriate to the nature and design of the work.

Articles made from moulds are acceptable only where the mould is subordinate to the product of the craftsperson or where the mould is subordinate to the craft person’s creativity.

Any article in any media using a commercial kit is automatically disqualified.

Traditional items such as Ukrainian tablecloths, Venetian lace, etc., have a greater emphasis on craftsmanship rather than innovation and exploration of material. Both approaches are equally valid and all pieces should be judged on overall success of the design.

7.  The Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils encourages participation by both visual artists and craftspeople at local adjudications.  We hope the combination of different media will enhance the touring exhibitions which travel Saskatchewan.

8.   Weyburn Arts Council supports two different categories for entries:
Category A - must have 5 works entered
- to be prepared to submit an exhibition proposal to OSAC  to be considered for a touring exhibition.

 Category B - enter 3 works
- exhibit works and participate in group critique
- not prepared to submit an exhibition proposal to OSAC  to be considered for a touring exhibition.

Please return to: 
Regan Lanning
c/o Weyburn Arts Council
424 - 10th Avenue, S.E.

Weyburn, SK S4H 2A1

Phone: (306) 848-3922 for further details or email at: weyburnartscouncil@weyburn.ca

Download a form from our website:

Entries accepted:
March 1 – April 8, 2016 to:
Signal Hill Arts Centre,
424-10th Avenue, S., Weyburn